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Waiver of Mandatory Seating Contributions and Sale of Parking Passes


Persons Subject to Amendment 94 Prohibition on Gifts from Lobbyists


Waiver of Mandatory Seating Contributions and Sale of Parking Passes


Applicability of Amendment 94, Gift Laws, and Lobbying Laws to Activities of a Political Party

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Contributions made through the internet


Marriage ceremonies performed by Justices of the Peace

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Contributions to candidate from his or her corporation
13-EC-001 (.PDF)


Using Cashier's Check to Make Contribution

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12-EC-004 (.PDF)


Using Campaign Fund to Attend National Convention
12-EC-003 (.PDF)


City Employment of Off-Duty Sheriff's Deputy
12-EC-002 (.PDF)


Filing of SFI by Chair of Academic Department of University
12-EC-001 (HTML)


Donation from county official to county served

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11-EC-004 (HTML)


Receipt of Retirement Gifts by Public Servants
11-EC-003 (HTML)


Participation by commission member in decision-making process
11-EC-002 (HTML)
11-EC-002 (.PDF)


Employment of Legislator in ADFA programs
11-EC-001 (HTML)
11-EC-001 (.PDF)


Employment of Legislator by entity which participates in ADFA programs

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10-EC-004 (HTML)
10-EC-004 (.PDF)


Donation of Public Relations Svc to State Commission
10-EC-003 (HTML)
10-EC-003 (.PDF)


Transfer of Funds by a Candidate to a Political Party
10-EC-002 (HTML)
10-EC-002 (.PDF)


Legal Defense Fund
10-EC-001 (HTML)
10-EC-001 (.PDF


Disposal of Campaign Funds by Withdrawn Candidate

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09-EC-003 (HTML)
09-EC-003 (.PDF)
09/18/2009 Special Event Reporting
09-EC-002 (HTML)
09-EC-002 (.PDF)
09/18/2009 PAC Itemization Threshold
09-EC-001 (HTML)
09-EC-001 (.PDF)
02/11/2009 Persons Required to File SFI
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08-EC-011 (HTML)
08-EC-011 (.PDF)

12/19/2008 Permissible PAC Activities

08-EC-010 (HTML)
08-EC-010 (.PDF)

9/19/2008 Use of Public Property for Campaign Purposes

08-EC-009 (HTML)
08-EC-009 (.PDF)

08/15/2008 Member of Ethics Commission prohibited from simultaneously serving on another state board or commission

08-EC-008 (HTML)
08-EC-008 (.PDF)

08/15/2008 Reporting public funds spent to expressly advocate passage or defeat of ballot measure

08-EC-007 (HTML)
08-EC-007 (.PDF)

07/18/2008 Acceptance of Honorariums

08-EC-006 (HTML)
08-EC-006 (.PDF)

06/20/2008 Awards Presented to State Employees


05/16/2008 Applicability of PAC registration and reporting requirements to entity soliciting funds to make contributions to ballot and legislative question committees
08-EC-004 05/16/2008 Disclosure by legislators of sales of goods or services to state entities
08-EC-003 03/19/2008 Campaign Debt Retirement
08-EC-002 02/15/2008 Filing of financial reports by persons engaging in express advocacy regarding a ballot measure
08-EC-001 01/18/2008 County contracting with employer of quorum court member

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07-EC-007 11/16/2007 Awarding of longevity bonuses by members of legislative body
07-EC-006 10/19/2007 Elected official receiving additional compensation from governmental entity served
07-EC-005 10/19/2007 Receipt of outside compensation by public servants
07-EC-004 08/17/2007 Decision Making by Members of State Boards/Commissions
07-EC-003 08/17/2007 PAC Contributions by a Group of Related Companies
07-EC-002 03/16/2007 Payment of Expenses of Election Contest
07-EC-001 02/16/2007 Transfer of Carryover Funds to Exploratory Committee

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06-EC-005 06/16/2006 Guidance regarding paid political advertisements
06-EC-004 04/21/2006 Issue Advocacy
06-EC-003 02/17/2006 Filing of Statement of Financial Interest by state board appointee
06-EC-002 02/17/2006 Lobbyist seeking to influence personnel decision of state agency
06-EC-001 01/08/2006 Filing of SFI by Board Member of Solid Waste Management District
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05-EC-016 11/18/2005 PAC registration and reporting requirements
05-EC-015 11/18/2005 Acceptance of contribution from out-of-state PAC which is not registered in Arkansas
05-EC-014 11/18/2005 Public servantís dual participation in municipal league and company with which it does business
05-EC-013 09/16/2005 State Employee Receiving Consulting Fee for Participation in Advisory Board Meeting
05-EC-012 08/19/2005 School Superintendent Potential Conflict of Interest
05-EC-011 07/22/2005 State Employee Potential Conflict of Interest
05-EC-010 06/13/2005 Lobbying by Members of the General Assembly
05-EC-009 06/13/2005 Transfer of Funds from Federal Campaign to State Campaign
05-EC-008 05/20/2005 Registration and reporting by PACs and county political party committees
05-EC-007 04/15/2005 Filing of SFI by members of municipal and county boards and commissions
05-EC-006 04/15/2005 Political party fundraising and making of independent expenditures by political party
05-EC-005 03/18/2005 Sale of Real Property by Water District to Employee
05-EC-004 03/18/2005 Use of Campaign Funds for Political Mailing
05-EC-003 03/18/2005 Dual Filing of SFI
05-EC-002 02/18/2005 Legislator participating in legislative process surrounding matter which may affect his or her financial status
05-EC-001 01/21/2005 Receipt of Stipend for Teacher Preparing and Serving as "In-Service" Trainer

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04-EC-006 12/17/2004 School board member voting to hire brother
04-EC-005 07/16/2004 Member of General Assembly serving on POA board
04-EC-004 05/21/2004 Receipt by approved PAC of contribution from an out-of-state PAC
04-EC-003 04/16/2004 Voting on ordinance benefiting employer
04-EC-002 01/16/2004 Filing of SFI by board of visitors
04-EC-001 01/16/2004 Hiring of sister-in-law by judge

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03-EC-004 12/19/2003 Reporting of contributions received by political parties
03-EC-003 07/18/2003 Political party hiring unsuccessful candidate as political consultant
03-EC-002 02/21/2003 Making of Contributions by PACs
03-EC-001 01/17/2003 Filing of SFI by Members of Intermodal Facilities Board

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02-EC-009 10/18/2002 Sending of campaign related e-mail messages
02-EC-008 08/23/2002 Campaign Contributions from Corporations
02-EC-007 08/23/2002 Expenses Reimbursable from Campaign Account
02-EC-006 06/21/2002 Trips and Entertainment Paid For By Nongovernmental Sources
02-EC-005 05/17/2002 Public servant devoting time or labor during usual office hours towards campaign
02-EC-004 05/17/2002 Use of "mailboxes" in courthouse for campaign purposes
02-EC-003 04/19/2002 Filing of SFI by members of suburban improvement district
02-EC-002 03/15/2002 Receipt of Free Parking Passes
02-EC-001 02/15/2002 Valuation of Skybox Tickets

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01-EC-008 12/14/2001 Restrictions Applicable to Members of State Boards
01-EC-007 11/16/2001 Reporting of Campaign Contributions
01-EC-006 08/17/2001 Receipt of non-money contributions by PAC to be used as golf tournament awards
01-EC-005 08/17/2001 Permissibility of member of state board accepting a position of employment in state government.
01-EC-004 07/20/2001 Receipt of expense reimbursements by members of advisory panel formed by non-profit organization
01-EC-003 06/15/2001 Hiring of Family Member by Mayor
01-EC-002 03/16/2001 Tokens of appreciation presented to public servants
01-EC-001 01/19/2001 Use of item of public property for campaign purposes

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00-EC-014 12/15/2000 Required Contents of a SFI
00-EC-013 11/09/2000 Receipt of judicial robe by person elected to judicial position
00-EC-012 11/09/2000 Use of campaign funds to make contributions to a political party
00-EC-011 11/09/2000 Valuation of food and beverages provided to public servant and guest
00-EC-010 10/13/2000 Exception to definition of gift for food, lodging and travel
00-EC-009 09/15/2000 Contract between constitutional officer and school district
00-EC-008 08/18/2000 Receipt of monetary awards by teachers
00-EC-007 05/19/2000 Hosting of recognition dinner for public official
00-EC-006 05/19/2000 ASEA state employee of the year award
00-EC-005 05/19/2000 Sale of season football tickets to public servants
00-EC-004 04/21/2000 Filing of SFI by improvement district board members15
00-EC-003 03/17/2000 Receipt of Compensation by Members of General Assembly
00-EC-002 01/21/2000 City Court Judges
00-EC-001 01/21/2000 Receipt of Outside Compensation by Coaches

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99-EC-022 12/17/1999 Splitting of PAC Contributions
99-EC-021 12/17/1999 Oaklawn Season Passes
99-EC-020 11/19/1999 Who Files a Statement of Financial Interest
99-EC-019 11/19/1999 PAC to PAC Contributions
99-EC-018 10/22/1999 Acceptance of Complimentary Registration
99-EC-017 10/22/1999 Contributions to a PAC
99-EC-016 09/17/1999 Corporate Sponsorship of Conference
99-EC-015 09/17/1999 Providing Complimentary Registration and Booth Space
99-EC-014 09/17/1999 ASU Legislative Day
99-EC-013 08/27/1999 Conversion of Small Donor PAC
99-EC-012 08/27/1999 Cash Award for Public Servant
99-EC-011 08/27/1999 Food & Lodging for Conference Attendants
99-EC-010 08/27/1999 Suburban Improvement Districts
99-EC-009 07/30/1999 Group Discounts
99-EC-008 07/30/1999 Special Event Exception
99-EC-007 07/30/1999 Analysis of Gift Prohibition Statute
99-EC-006 05/21/1999 Stacking and Splitting
99-EC-005 05/21/1999 Act 553
99-EC-004 04/16/1999 Political Advertisement
99-EC-003 04/16/1999 Independent Expenditures
99-EC-002 01/22/1999 Statement of Financial Interest
99-EC-001 01/22/1999 Governor's Inauguration

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98-EC-021 12/18/1998 Campaign Finance Law
98-EC-020 11/20/1998 Inaugural Event
98-EC-019 09/24/1998 Nonpartisan Political Rally
98-EC-018 08/27/1998 Ballot Question Committee Contributions
98-EC-017 08/27/1998 Limits on Contributions to PACs
98-EC-016 07/22/1998 Campaign Contribution
98-EC-015 07/22/1998 Ten-day Preelection Report
98-EC-014 07/17/1998 Unopposed Candidate
Request Withdrawn   98-EC-013
98-EC-012 07/17/1998 Use of State Stationery
98-EC-011 06/19/1998 Ballot Question Committee Contributions
98-EC-010 06/19/1998 Federal Campaign Committee Contributions
98-EC-009 05/22/1998 Wedding Gifts
98-EC-008 04/17/1998 Raffle
98-EC-007 04/17/1998 Charitable Donation
Request Withdrawn   98-EC-006
98-EC-005 03/27/1998 Carryover Funds Donations
Request Withdrawn   98-EC-004
98-EC-003 05/22/1998 Income and Actual Expenses
98-EC-002 02/20/1998 Sources of Income
98-EC-001 02/20/1998 Citizen Complaint

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97-EC-018 12/17/1997 Contributions and Expenditures by Auxiliary Committees
97-EC-017 10/16/1997 Use of State-owned Transportation
97-EC-016 10/17/1997 Lobbying -- Government Services
97-EC-015 10/16/1997 Contributions for Primary and General Elections
97-EC-014 10/17/1997 Statement of Financial Interest -- Creditors and Debts
97-EC-013 07/14/1997 Reimbursement of Lobbyist for Food, etc.
97-EC-012(B) 08/21/1997 County Political Committee Event
97-EC-012(A) 08/21/1997 Loans of Items as Contributions
97-EC-011 08/21/1997 Fair Market Value - Private Airplane Usage
97-EC-010 08/21/1997 Public Appearances and Honoraria
97-EC-009 08/21/1997 Term Limits -- Fund Raising
97-EC-008 07/14/1997 Auxiliary Groups of Political Parties
97-EC-007 07/14/1997 Exploratory Committees
97-EC-006 ??/??/1997 Lobbying Reports - Taxes & Tips
97-EC-005(B) 06/20/1997 Reimbursement for Auto Expenses
97-EC-005(A) 06/20/1997 Campaign Funds - Leasing Airplanes
97-EC-004 ??/??/1997 Reporting Travel As Gift
97-EC-003(C) 04/??/1997 Use Of Campaign Funds
97-EC-003(B) 04/??/1997 Use Of Carryover And Surplus Funds
97-EC-003(A) 04/??/1997 Use Of Carryover And Surplus Funds
97-EC-002 03/10/1997 Campaign Funds - Payment Of Fines
97-EC-001 03/10/1997 Contribution To Another's Campaign

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96-EC-008 01/22/1996 Campaign Debt Retirement
96-EC-007 06/10/1996 Officials' Transition Expenses
96-EC-006 06/20/1996 County Political Committee Contributions
96-EC-005 ??/??/1996 Campaigns - Volunteer Services
96-EC-004 04/26/1996 Use of Surplus Funds
96-EC-003 ??/??/1996 Exploratory Committees
96-EC-002 05/20/1996 Conflict of Interest
96-EC-001 03/12/1996 Campaign Debt Retirement

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11/09/1995 Reporting Requirements - Constitutional Convention Delegates

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94-EC-002 08/03/1994 Ballot Question Committees
94-EC-001 03/23/1994 Contributions - When Prohibited

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93-EC-006 09/27/1993 Conflict of Interest
93-EC-005 09/16/1993 SFI - Suburban Improvement Districts
93-EC-004 06/21/1993 Lobbyist - Exceptions to Definition
93-EC-003 05/03/1993 Campaign Debt Retirement
93-EC-002 05/03/1993 Campaign Reporting - Threshold
93-EC-001 02/09/1993 Contributions - When Prohibited

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92-EC-023 11/19/1992 Retaining Carryover Funds
92-EC-022 10/22/1992 SFI - Suburban Improvement Districts
92-EC-021 10/22/1992 Spouse's Contributions
92-EC-020 08/27/1992 Disposal of Campaign Property
92-EC-019 08/27/1992 Campaign Contributions
92-EC-018 08/03/1992 Use of Surplus Funds
92-EC-017 04/30/1992 Lobbying - Defined
92-EC-016 05/28/1992 Use of Surplus Funds
92-EC-015 05/28/1992 Election Cycle
92-EC-014 05/29/1992 Contribution - Time of Receipt
92-EC-013 05/29/1992 Personal Use of Campaign Funds
92-EC-012 04/30/1992 Campaign Expenses - Reimbursement
92-EC-011 04/30/1992 Campaign Reporting - Threshold
92-EC-010 05/29/1992 Maintaining Records of Contributions
92-EC-009 04/30/1992 Filing Deadlines
92-EC-008 04/30/1992 Campaign Disclosure Reports
92-EC-007 04/30/1992 Personal Use of Campaign Funds
92-EC-006 04/30/1992 Reporting Campaign Surplus
92-EC-005 04/30/1992 PACs - Registration
92-EC-004 04/30/1992 Personal Contributions
92-EC-003 03/26/1992 PACs - Monetary Limits
92-EC-002 02/25/1992 Contributions to Ballot Issues
92-EC-001 03/26/1992 Employees as Lobbyists

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91-EC-012 12/11/1991

Campaign Debt Retirement

91-EC-011 10/15/1991 PACs - Campaign Contributions
91-EC-010 10/15/1991 PACs -"Approved" Status
91-EC-009 08/03/1991 Lobbyist Defined
91-EC-008 08/22/1991 Special Event
91-EC-007 08/22/1991 Campaign Finance - Criminal Sanctions
91-EC-006 06/25/1991 SFI - Private Employment
91-EC-005 06/25/1991 Campaign Debt Retirement
91-EC-004(A) 08/22/1991 Carryover Funds
91-EC-004 06/24/1991 Surplus Campaign Funds - Use
91-EC-003 06/24/1991 SFI - Reimbursement of Expenses
91-EC-002 06/18/1991 PACs - Improper Funds
91-EC-001 05/30/1991 PACs -"Approved" Defined

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The Office of the Attorney General had opinion jurisdiction over Initiated Act 1 of 1988 during the period 1989-1990.  The opinions which appear below are the Attorney General's opinions on the issue of ethics for that period.
90-E-289 11/21/1990 Surplus Funds
89-E-31 09/12/1989 Conflict of Interest
89-E-26 05/24/1989 Lobbyist Activity Reports
89-E-24 05/17/1989 Lobbyist - Registration
89-E-22 05/16/1989 Lobbyist Activity Reports
89-E-19 05/11/1989 Conflict of Interest
89-E-18 05/16/1989 Lobbyist - Corporate Registration
89-E-15 04/07/1989 Lobbyist - Registration
89-E-14 02/27/1989 Necessary Contact - Defined
89-E-7 02/08/1989 Lobbyist - Definition
89-E-3 01/24/1989 Lobbying - Church
89-E-2 01/24/1989 Lobbying - Gift Defined
89-E-1 01/24/1989 Statement of Financial Interest

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