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Final*Rules on Ballot and Legislative Question Committees

Rev. 2017
Rules on Campaign Contribution Limit Rev. 2015

Final*Rules on Campaign Finance & Disclosure

Rev. 2017
  Final*Rules on Conflicts Rev. 2017
Rules on Display of Campaign Literature on Vehicle of Candidate or Public Official While on State Capitol Grounds Rev. 2015

Final*Rules on Gifts

Rev. 2017
Final*Rules on Independent Expenditures Rev. 2017

Rules on Lobbyist Registration and Reporting

Rev. 2015
Final*Rules on Local-Option Ballot Question Committees  Rev. 2017

Final*Rules on Political Committees Rev. 2017
Rules on Practice & Procedure Rev.2015
Final*Rules on Prohibition of Gifts from Lobbyists to Certain Public Officials Under Ark. Const. Art. 19, 30  Rev. 2017
Rules on Special State Employees - Conflicts of Interest Rev. 2015