TITLE                                                                                               EFFECTIVE DATE


Rules on Ballot and Legislative Question Committees Rev. 2017
 Rules on Campaign Contribution Limit Rev. 2015
Rules on Campaign Finance & Disclosure Rev. 2017
Rules on Conflicts Rev. 2017
Rules on Display of Campaign Literature on Vehicle of

Candidate or Public Official While on State Capitol Grounds

Rev. 2015
Rules on Gifts Rev. 2017
Rules on Independent Expenditures Rev. 2017
Rules on Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Rev. 2015
Rules on Local-Option Ballot Question Committees  Rev. 2017
Rules on Political Committees Rev. 2017
Rules of Practice & Procedure Rev.2015
Rules on Prohibition of Gifts from Lobbyists to

Certain Public Officials Under Ark. Const. Art. 19, § 30 

Rev. 2017
Rules on Special State Employees – Conflicts of Interest Rev. 2015





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