Advisory Opinions

The Arkansas Ethics Commission is authorized to issue advisory opinions and guidelines on the requirements of  Ark. Code Ann. § 7-1-103(a)(1)-(4), (6), and (7);Ark. Code Ann. § 7-6-201 et seq.; the Disclosure Act for Public Initiatives, Referenda, and Measures Referred to Voters, § 7-9-401 et seq.; § 19-11-718; § 21-8-301 et seq.; the Disclosure Act for Lobbyists and State and Local Officials, § 21-8-401 et seq., § 21-8-601 et seq., § 21-8-701 et seq., and § 21-8-801 et seq.; § 21-8-901 et seq.; § 21-8-1001 et seq.; and Arkansas Constitution, Article 19, §§ 28-30 pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 7-6-217(g)(2).


Opinion #      Issuance Date             Short Title

2022 Opinions

22-EC-002       08/19/2022                   Using campaign funds to provide security

22-EC-001       05/20/2022                   Use of general election contributions for primary runoff election

2020 Opinions

20-EC-003       12/17/2020                   Payment of Legal Fees for Legislators

20-EC-002       11/20/2020                   Payment of Performance Bonus to Employee Who Now Work for the State

20-EC-001        11/20/2020                  Special State Employee Prohibited Conduct and Conflicts of Interest

2019 Opinions

19-EC-003        08/16/2019                   Conflict of Interest-Board Member 

19-EC-002        04/19/2019                   Special Benefits Provided to Library Employees

19-EC-001         02/19/2019                   “Readily available free of charge to the general public” exception to a “gift” under Ark. Const. Art. 19, § 30

2018 Opinions

18-EC-003       10/19/2018                    Lobbyist Registration and Reporting

18-EC-002       10/19/2018                    Issue Speech

18-EC-001        07/27/2018                   Campaign Funds for Candidate’s Childcare Expenses

2017 Opinions

17-EC-003        10/20/2017                  Local Limitations on Campaign Contributions

17-EC-002        09/22/2017                 Triggering PAC Registration by making in-kind contribution to CPPC

17-EC-001        06/23/2017                  Prohibited Lobbyist Compensation

2016 Opinion

16-EC-001        08/19/2016                 $10,000 / 2% test of Ark. Code Ann. §7-9-402(2)(B)

2015 Opinions

15-EC-005        10/16/2015                 Conflicts of Interest (Insurance Commissioner)

15-EC-004        07/24/2015                 Waiver of Mandatory Seating Contributions and Sale of Parking Passes

15-EC-003        06/19/2015                 Persons Subject to Amendment 94 Prohibition on Gifts from Lobbyists

15-EC-002        05/15/2015                 Waiver of Mandatory Seating Contributions and Sale of Parking Passes

15-EC-001        05/15/2015                 Applicability of Amendment 94, Gift Laws, and Lobbying Laws to Activities of a Political Party

2014 Opinions

14-EC-002       05/23/2014                 Contributions made through the internet

14-EC-001       02/21/2014                 Marriage ceremonies performed by Justices of the Peace

2013 Opinions

13-EC-002       09/20/2013                 Contributions to candidate from his or her corporation

13-EC-001       04/19/2013                 Using Cashier’s Check to Make Contribution

2012 Opinions

12-EC-004       07/13/2012                 Using Campaign Fund to Attend National Convention

12-EC-003       04/20/2012                 City Employment of Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy

12-EC-002       01/20/2012                  Filing of SFI by Chair of Academic Department of University

12-EC-001       01/20/2012                  Donation from county official to county served

2011 Opinions

11-EC-004       06/24/2011                 Receipt of Retirement Gifts by Public Servants

11-EC-003       05/20/2011                 Participation by commission member in decision-making process

11-EC-002       01/21/2011                  Employment of Legislator in ADFA programs

11-EC-001       01/21/2011                  Employment of Legislator by entity which participates in ADFA programs

2010 Opinions

10-EC-004       11/19/2010                 Donation of Public Relations Service to State Commission

10-EC-003       09/17/2010                Transfer of Funds by a Candidate to a Political Party

10-EC-002       06/18/2010                 Legal Defense Fund

10-EC-001       03/19/2010                 Disposal of Campaign Funds by Withdrawn Candidate

2009 Opinions

09-EC-003      09/18/2009                 Special Event Reporting

09-EC-002      09/18/2009                 PAC Itemization Threshold

09-EC-001      02/11/2009                 Persons Required to File SFI

2008 Opinions

08-EC-011      12/19/2008                 Permissible PAC Activities

08-EC-010      09/19/2008                 Use of Public Property for Campaign Purposes

08-EC-009      08/15/2008                 Member of Ethics Commission prohibited from simultaneously serving on another state board or                                                                                          commission

08-EC-008      08/15/2008                 Reporting public funds spent to expressly advocate passage or defeat of ballot measure

08-EC-007      07/18/2008                 Acceptance of Honorariums

08-EC-006      06/20/2008                 Awards Presented to State Employees

08-EC-005      05/16/2008                 Applicability of PAC registration and reporting requirements to entity soliciting funds                                                                                                                to make contributions to ballot and legislative question committees

08-EC-004      05/16/2008                 Disclosure by legislators of sales of goods or services to state entities

08-EC-003      03/19/2008                 Campaign Debt Retirement

08-EC-002      02/15/2008                 Filing of financial reports by persons engaging in express advocacy regarding a ballot measure

08-EC-001      01/18/2008                 County contracting with employer of quorum court member

2007 Opinions

07-EC-007      11/16/2007                 Awarding of longevity bonuses by members of legislative body

07-EC-006      10/19/2007                 Elected official receiving additional compensation from governmental entity served

07-EC-005      10/19/2007                 Receipt of outside compensation by public servants

07-EC-004      08/17/2007                 Decision Making by Members of State Boards/Commissions

07-EC-003      08/17/2007                 PAC Contributions by a Group of Related Companies

07-EC-002      03/16/2007                 Payment of Expenses of Election Contest

07-EC-001      02/16/2007                 Transfer of Carryover Funds to Exploratory Committee

2006 Opinions

06-EC-005      06/16/2006                 Guidance regarding paid political advertisements

06-EC-004      04/21/2006                 Issue Advocacy

06-EC-003      02/17/2006                 Filing of Statement of Financial Interest by state board appointee

06-EC-002      02/17/2006                 Lobbyist seeking to influence personnel decision of state agency

06-EC-001      01/08/2006                 Filing of SFI by Board Member of Solid Waste Management District

2005 Opinions

05-EC-016      11/18/2005                 PAC registration and reporting requirements

05-EC-015      11/18/2005                 Acceptance of contribution from out-of-state PAC which is not registered in Arkansas

05-EC-014      11/18/2005                 Public servant’s dual participation in municipal league and company with which it does business

05-EC-013      09/16/2005                 State Employee Receiving Consulting Fee for Participation in Advisory Board Meeting

05-EC-012      08/19/2005                 School Superintendent Potential Conflict of Interest

05-EC-011       07/22/2005                 State Employee Potential Conflict of Interest

05-EC-010      06/13/2005                 Lobbying by Members of the General Assembly

05-EC-009      06/13/2005                 Transfer of Funds from Federal Campaign to State Campaign

05-EC-008      05/20/2005                  Registration and reporting by PACs and county political party committees

05-EC-007       04/15/2005                 Filing of SFI by members of municipal and county boards and commissions

05-EC-006       04/15/2005                 Political party fundraising and making of independent expenditures by political party

05-EC-005       03/18/2005                 Sale of Real Property by Water District to Employee

05-EC-004       03/18/2005                 Use of Campaign Funds for Political Mailing

05-EC-003       03/18/2005                  Dual Filing of SFI

05-EC-002       02/18/2005                  Legislator participating in legislative process surrounding matter which may affect his or her financial status

05-EC-001       01/21/2005                  Receipt of Stipend for Teacher Preparing and Serving as “In-Service” Trainer 

2004 Opinions

04-EC-006       12/17/2004                  School board member voting to hire brother

04-EC-005       07/16/2004                  Member of General Assembly serving on POA board

04-EC-004       05/21/2004                  Receipt by approved PAC of contribution from an out-of-state PAC

04-EC-003       04/16/2004                  Voting on ordinance benefiting employer

04-EC-002       01/16/2004                  Filing of SFI by board of visitors

04-EC-001       01/16/2004                  Hiring of sister-in-law by judge

2003 Opinions

03-EC-004       12/19/2003                  Reporting of contributions received by political parties

03-EC-003       07/18/2003                  Political party hiring unsuccessful candidate as political consultant

03-EC-002       02/21/2003                  Making of Contributions by PACs

03-EC-001       01/17/2003                  Filing of SFI by Members of Intermodal Facilities Board

2002 Opinions

02-EC-009       10/18/2002                 Sending of campaign related e-mail messages

02-EC-008       08/23/2002                 Campaign Contributions from Corporations

02-EC-007       08/23/2002                 Expenses Reimbursable from Campaign Account

02-EC-006       06/21/2002                 Trips and Entertainment Paid For By Nongovernmental Sources

02-EC-005       05/17/2002                 Public servant devoting time or labor during usual office hours towards campaign

02-EC-004       05/17/2002                 Use of “mailboxes” in courthouse for campaign purposes

02-EC-003       04/19/2002                 Filing of SFI by members of suburban improvement district

02-EC-002       03/15/2002                 Receipt of Free Parking Passes

02-EC-001       02/15/2002                 Valuation of Skybox Tickets

2001 Opinions

01-EC-008       12/14/2001                   Restrictions Applicable to Members of State Boards

01-EC-007        11/16/2001                  Reporting of Campaign Contributions

01-EC-006        08/17/2001                  Receipt of non-money contributions by PAC to be used as golf tournament awards

01-EC-005        08/17/2001                  Permissibility of member of state board accepting a position of employment in state government.

01-EC-004        07/20/2001                  Receipt of expense reimbursements by members of advisory panel formed by non-profit organization

01-EC-003        06/15/2001                  Hiring of Family Member by Mayor

01-EC-002        03/16/2001                  Tokens of appreciation presented to public servants

01-EC-001         01/19/2001                  Use of item of public property for campaign purposes

2000 Opinions

00-EC-014        12/15/2000                  Required Contents of a SFI

00-EC-013        11/09/2000                  Receipt of judicial robe by person elected to judicial position

00-EC-012        11/09/2000                  Use of campaign funds to make contributions to a political party

00-EC-011        11/09/2000                  Valuation of food and beverages provided to public servant and guest

00-EC-010        10/13/2000                  Exception to definition of gift for food, lodging and travel

00-EC-009        09/15/2000                  Contract between constitutional officer and school district

00-EC-008        08/18/2000                  Receipt of monetary awards by teachers

00-EC-007        05/19/2000                  Hosting of recognition dinner for public official

00-EC-006        05/19/2000                  ASEA state employee of the year award

00-EC-005         05/19/2000                 Sale of season football tickets to public servants

00-EC-004        04/21/2000                  Filing of SFI by improvement district board members

00-EC-003        03/17/2000                  Receipt of Compensation by Members of General Assembly

00-EC-002        01/21/2000                  City Court Judges

00-EC-001        01/21/2000                  Receipt of Outside Compensation by Coaches

1999 Opinions

99-EC-022        12/17/1999                  Splitting of PAC Contributions

99-EC-021        12/17/1999                  Oaklawn Season Passes

99-EC-020        11/19/1999                  Who Files a Statement of Financial Interest

99-EC-019        11/19/1999                  PAC to PAC Contributions

99-EC-018        10/22/1999                  Acceptance of Complimentary Registration

99-EC-017        10/22/1999                  Contributions to a PAC

99-EC-016        09/17/1999                  Corporate Sponsorship of Conference

99-EC-015        09/17/1999                  Providing Complimentary Registration and Booth Space

99-EC-014        09/17/1999                  ASU Legislative Day

99-EC-013        08/27/1999                  Conversion of Small Donor PAC

99-EC-012        08/27/1999                  Cash Award for Public Servant

99-EC-011        08/27/1999                  Food & Lodging for Conference Attendants

99-EC-010        08/27/1999                  Suburban Improvement Districts

99-EC-009        07/30/1999                  Group Discounts

99-EC-008        07/30/1999                  Special Event Exception

99-EC-007        07/30/1999                  Analysis of Gift Prohibition Statute

99-EC-006        05/21/1999                  Stacking and Splitting

99-EC-005        05/21/1999                  Act 553 of 1999

99-EC-004        04/16/1999                  Political Advertisement

99-EC-003        04/16/1999                  Independent Expenditures

99-EC-002        01/22/1999                  Statement of Financial Interest

99-EC-001        01/22/1999                  Governor’s Inauguration

1998 Opinions

98-EC-021        12/18/1998                  Campaign Finance Law

98-EC-020        11/20/1998                  Inaugural Event

98-EC-019        09/24/1998                  Nonpartisan Political Rally

98-EC-018       08/27/1998                   Ballot Question Committee Contributions

98-EC-017        08/27/1998                  Limits on Contributions to PACs

98-EC-016        07/22/1998                  Campaign Contribution

98-EC-015        07/22/1998                  Ten-day Preelection Report

98-EC-014        07/17/1998                  Unopposed Candidate

98-EC-013                                              Request Withdrawn

98-EC-012        07/17/1998                  Use of State Stationery

98-EC-011        06/19/1998                  Ballot Question Committee Contributions

98-EC-010        06/19/1998                  Federal Campaign Committee Contributions

98-EC-009        05/22/1998                  Wedding Gifts

98-EC-008        04/17/1998                  Raffle

98-EC-007        04/17/1998                  Charitable Donation

98-EC-006                                               Request Withdrawn

98-EC-005        03/27/1998                  Carryover Funds Donations’

98-EC-004                                               Request Withdrawn

98-EC-003         05/22/1998                  Income and Actual Expenses

98-EC-002        02/20/1998                   Sources of Income

98-EC-001        02/20/1998                   Citizen Complaint

Advisory Opinions issued earlier than 1998 can be found here